Colostrum; if you have found us by searching you probably have an idea of what Colostrum is & maybe some ideas of what it can do for you.`

Here we will try to give you what you have questions about in a no frills simple answers & explanations of what, where & the healing properties of Colostrum is.

1/ Where does Colostrum come from?
It is the clear fluid that is produces by ALL mammals, including humans, for the first 48 hours after giving birth. 
It has been around for 350 million years, give or take a few long as mammals have roamed the earth. Colostrum is not on trial!
The kind we supply is Bovine or cow & all colostrums are compatible with humans as there is very little difference from 1 kind of Colostrum to the next; ie, it's not "species specific".

Our mother cows are milked for their Colostrum in the first 16 hours after giving birth (so "1st milking") & this is only done after the calf has fed twice, giving the calf what it needs & maintaining a healthy herd for the future.
The herds are in Arizona USA & adhere to the very stringent USDA health guide lines & health checks....including anti-biotic-free. Large herds are needed to provide "1st milking" colostrum; this means that both the quality and quantity required is maintained. We can't do this in Australia nor NZ. We believe that this is probably the highest grade of Colostrum available on the market today.

2/ What can Colostrum do for you?
This is the 64,000 dollar question & the simple answer is in most cases: it will enhance & improve your health, boost your immune system at the very least, as Colostrum is NOT a drug & it is in fact your own body that decides where to use the Colostrum's healing benefits. It can be different for everybody: simply to say I use & have been using Colostrum for many years now & I have benefited in several ways, which include: knee pain has been relived to a point where walking up steps was a painfully exercise to now being able to run up steps 2 at a time. And if I get a cold I have NO down time & usually it's gone in 3 days. I don't need flu shots & cannot remember the last time I had the flu & it would have been prior to me using Colostrum. I am into my 60's & have NO sign of slowing down: no arthritis or other associated joint pains for a person of my age. These are just a few benefits I have noticed over the years personally - not something that has come out of a lab or scientific study....just my day to day use.

Proven by blood tests is the fact that colostrum causes the release of adult stem cells (sometimes called "the body's little ambulances", going straight to damaged tissue) into the blood stream. This is similar to what we now know as stem cell therapy.

Without getting all scientific there has been heaps of studies done & many more diseases & ailments that Colostrum may help.

3/ What makes us or our Colostrum different?

As stated above, it is collected within the first 16 hours after calving (1st milking); this gives us the highest content of the good stuff in Colostrum that makes it such a wonderful natural product.

As the name suggests IT IS PURE 100% COLOSTRUM. Purchase our Colostrum and you get 4 things: a tub, a measuring spoon, a water absorbing thingy & COLOSTRUM! That's it! NO fillers or any additives at all.
We believe there are some Colostrum products out there that have as little as 2grms per 15gm dose; so while these maybe cheaper you need to take 7 to 8 times as much to get the same benefits as our Pure Colostrum.

We offer - or better to say - we give support should you need &/or ask for it; support that goes beyond large businesses that are in it just for the dollars. We are not controlled by any large corporate, nor shareholders. We must make some profit from the sale of our products; however it is not our main focus. We use & believe in the product & if in some way we can help others that suffer from anything that a daily health shake of Colostrum offers relief from, including improvement in lifestyle...great! Our profit is used to maintain our presence in the market place & keep prices competitive....which keeps this wonderful product available for you.

4/ Further question you may have about Colostrum?
If there is something else you want answered please use the form below to ask us & we will be more than happy to answer any question you may have.

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