Just Pure Colostrum - High Peptide Skin Treatments

Active Renewal Cream

Plant Stem Cells, Moor-based Skin Treatment and Peptides.

Our 3 skin Treatment products contain Moor, Peptides and Plant Stem Cell Fractions which are all active and supportive of healthy, good looking skin.

So, what are Peptides? They are short string amino acids which are known to support and stimulate signalling to the epidermal growth factors, and other components, that stimulate growth of healthy skin.
RegenAssist Cream also has Moor in it, plus a very interesting component, plant-based, called Centella Asiatica plant stem cell fraction.
It helps overcome the effects of dehydration, poor circulation and stress; these weaken the skin - thus fine lines and wrinkles begin to appear.

Our skin is often referred to as the "third kidney" acting as a barrier to disease-causing pathogens and viruses. So - the healthier the better......and you'll look good too! Skin, hair, nails - healthy and receiving good nutrition.

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