Here is a few things I've found Colostrum powder useful for other than what I have mentioned on the home page & of course the other great healing properties for many other things.


1/ As an antiseptic if I cut or graze myself I have used Colostrum powder, by making a slurry out of it by adding a small amount of water & applying it directly to the cut or abrasion.
It works fantastically as I get NO infection at all & in most cases the injury heals in a week give or take a day or two.

A while back I did cut my finger quite badly & required 5 stitches, after returning from the hospital I used the Colostrum on it & again the healing process has be fantastic I had the stitches removed a week earlier than expected & there is very little scaring & absolutely no infection at all.

2/ Ever had a tooth ache that of course happens Friday night or on the week end & can't get to a dentist? Using a tea spoon I dropped a small amount of Colostrum powder onto the offending tooth & surrounding area & almost imminently the pain went away.

3/ Please if anyone has a story or tip for using Colostrum please share it by sending it via the contact page form & I'll be happy to post it.

4/ Gym pre-workout I would have my daily dose & head off to the gym, no breakfast just my Colostrum shake, have a great workout & not feel hungry till lunch time so I guess it could also double as a meal replacement, looking at it that way.
The Growth Factors must have done their job as I have more muscle mass at 61 than I have ever had & that is even after having a very physical job for over 25 years & now for the last 18 years behind a desk so something is working for me.

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