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Intensive Therapy Mask 120g

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This Intensive Therapy Mask is pure Moor - and it has no "use by" date, being about 30,000 yrs old.

So it is a 100% organic concentrate, having at least 700 varieties of healing plants which rejuvenate and purify all skin types.

We personally have used Moor for at least 5 years, and strongly recommend it. Best applied weekly; and this tube will give you about 13 applications - so may last 3 months. 

So what is it?
It is a professional herbal treatment suitable for all skin types - a pure concentrate of Peat from Austria. It is organic and contains entirely medicinal herbs.

Moor achieves superior performance because it safely and effectively detoxes and purifies while hydrating the skin with nourishing bioactives which revive the skin to a radiant youthful glow.

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