Following is a list of most of the key components in Colostrum; you will see that nature has provided us with a remarkable "product" that will benefit us in just about every area of our health, healing and longevity.


IMMUNE FACTORS: Medical and clinical studies show immune factors in colostrum fight Viruses, Bacteria, Yeast, Fungus, Allergens and Toxins.

IMMUNOGLOBULINS: Have been shown to provide a superior defense in both treatment and prevention of viral infections, bacterial infections, allergies, fungus and yeast. High quality Colostrum must be certified to contain a minimum of 18% immunoglobulins.

ANTIBODIES: Colostrum has been shown to contain specific antibodies to more than 19 specific disease-causing pathogens including; E. coli, salmonella, candida, streptococcus, staphylococcus, h. pylori, cryptosporidium and rotavirus.

PRP (Proline-rich Polypeptide): Shown to help regulate the thymus gland (bodies’ central command for the immune system). PRP can both stimulate a weakened immune system and/or balance an overactive immune system, as in the case of many autoimmune diseases.

LACTOFERRIN: An iron-binding protein with antiviral, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory properties. Lactoferrin has been implicated in the treatment of such diseases as cancer, HIV, herpes, chronic fatigue, candida albicans and other infections.

GLYCOPROTEINS: (protease and trypsin inhibitors) Protect the immune and growth factors in colostrum from destruction by the digestive juices in the stomach and intestinal tract.

LACTALBUMINS: Research indicates tremendous possibilities that Lactalbumins can be highly effective against numerous forms of cancer and viruses. Lactalbumin has also been shown in vulnerable subjects to raise brain serotonin activity, reduce cortisol concentration, and improve mood under stress.

CYTOKINE’S: INTERLUKIN 1 & 6, INTERFERON Y AND LYMPHOKINES: Chemicals that are involved in cell-to-cell communication, antiviral and anti-tumor activity and regulation and intensity of immune responses. Cytokines help increase T-cell activity and stimulate production of immunoglobulins. One cytokine, interleukin-10, is a potent anti-inflammatory agent that has been shown to have a profound effect on pain relief. Interleukins have shown particular promise in fighting cancer.

LYSOZYMES: Helps protect the body from bacterial infections. Lysozyme has actually been shown to destroy bacteria on contact. May be an effective topical antibiotic.

GROWTH FACTORS: Medical studies have shown that the vital growth factors from bovine colostrum are practically identical to human colostrum in composition. Furthermore, it has been shown that growth factors stimulate normal growth, as well as help regenerate and accelerate the repair of aged or injured muscle, skin collagen, bone, cartilage and nerve tissues. Growth factors also stimulate the body to burn fat for fuel instead of the body's own muscle tissue in times of fasting (diet) and build lean muscle. In addition, growth factors can be used as an effective topical application for burns, injuries and skin rejuvenation.

Epithelial Growth Factor (EGF): EGF is instrumental in protecting and maintaining the skin. Along with the other growth factors in colostrum, EGF can stimulate normal skin growth and repair cellular tissue.

Insulin-like Growth Factor I and II: (IGF-I & IGF-II) IGF I & II are the most abundant growth factors in colostrum. They affect how the body uses fat, protein and sugar. IGF-I is one of the only substances known to stimulate the repair and growth of DNA and RNA, making it one of the most powerful anti-aging substances. IGF-I has been clinically proven to help increase lean muscle mass and may help regulate blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

Transforming Growth Factors A & B: (TGF A & B) TGF stimulates the proliferation of cells in connective tissue and assists in the formation of bone and cartilage. It is also showing promise as a therapeutic agent in bone and wound healing. TGF can help repair tissue and may support the development of growth of the lining of the gut.

Platelet-Derived Growth Factor: (PDGF) PDGF has been shown to help with cell division in connective tissue, smooth muscle, and fibroblasts. It may also assist in neuron survival and regeneration.

VITAMINS AND MINERALS: Colostrum is not a supplement... it is the whole food for the newborn... its combination of vitamins and minerals are naturally occurring and in perfect combination. Center for Nutritional Research 1996-2001. 

These all occurring naturally in Colostrum not added.

Immunoglobulins (Type G1 & G2)
Immunoglobulins (Type A)
Immunoglobulins (Type M)
Immunoglobulins (Type D)
Immunoglobulins (Type E)
Proline-Rich Polypeptides (PRPs)
Insulin Growth Factor (Type 1)
Insulin Growth Factor (Type 2)
Derived Platelet Growth Factor
Epidermal Growth Factor
Fibroblast Platelet Growth Factor
Transforming Growth Factor α
Transforming Growth Factor β
Nerve Growth Factor

Vitamin & Mineral Content

Vitamin B1 Calcium
Vitamin B2 Magnesium
Vitamin B5 Zinc
Vitamin B6 Sodium
Vitamin B12 Potassium
Vitamin C Phosphorus
Vitamin E Iron
Folic Acid

Essential Amino Acids

Isoleucine 1.46% I Arginine 2.30%
Leucine 2.37% Cystine 1.12%
Histidine 1.46% Glutanic Acid 9.13%
Methionine 4.08% Alanine 2.50%
Lysine 4.18% Tyrosine 4.96%
Threonine 4.03% Glycine 1.77%
Phenylalanine 2.42% Proline 5.12%
Valine 2.16% Aspartic Acid 5.57%
Tryptophan 1.17% Serine 4.77%



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